Crohn’s disease

I also suffered from ileus. Relationship with HUMIRA administration?

Yesterday, I became ileus again.

The ileus this time was not a feeling that the intestine was completely clogged, it was a feeling like a stomachache caused by the content becoming difficult to flow from the narrowed part of the intestine.

And although it was only two weeks since the last ileus time I wondered why I became ileus again while thinking of abdominal pain, but if I say so, it will be good after 2 to 3 days from administration of HUMIRA I noticed that ileus is happening.

That said, even when I was using Remicade before, I think that there is something to do with it because I had been ileus several days after administering Remicade.


What is the recommended work (employment) for people with Crohn’s disease?

In Crohn’s disease, a lot of troubles come out.

I do not count as a meal, stress, love affair, marriage, pregnancy / childbirth, childcare, work … etc.

Also, although the problems that men and women suffer differ from each other, is not it a common problem in terms of “work (employment)”?

This time I would like to think about the work that is suitable for people with Crohn’s disease.